We offer two different types of pricing options for our services:

Annual Contract – This is by far the most convenient and safe way to ensure that the snow and ice is removed and managed properly at all times. We provide you with one price for the entire season (November 1st – April 15th) and no matter how many times it snows and no matter how heavily or lightly it snows, we remove the snow and make sure your property is safe and clear at all times. It is also convenient because you are able to make equal monthly payments with no surprises.

Per Visit – If you prefer to pay a set amount each time we visit, we will give you a price for removing the snow and providing a de-icing application (salt).


Billing – If you are on an annual contract, 4-6 equal monthly payments are made depending on the time of year. If you are paying per visit, an invoice is sent at the end of each month for the services provided.